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Deliver individualized video experiences, performance, and insights at scale.

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Problem Statement:
Every mobile marketer knows that customizing ads to make them more relevant improves performance. The problem is that customizing video ads is time-consuming and expensive, making it difficult to test and learn and ultimately to know what works.

Indivio solves this with software that makes it easy to
mass-customize videos and automatically test them on social media

Save Time and Money

Automate video creation, streamline creative workflows, and empower in-house media buyers with videos on-demand.

Improve Performance

Videos that are customized to be more relevant can improve CPA by up to 30% and ROAS by up to 50% over other image and video formats.

Turnkey Optimization

No integration required to scale video creation and improve performance, works with your preferred ads management software.

How it Works


1. Connect

Connect your catalog, audiences, or assets to drive the creation of customized videos.


2. Create

Create customized videos on-demand using industry-standard Adobe video templates.


3. Optimize

Continuously optimize performance by testing different designs and scaling the winners.

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