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Indivio empowers marketers with software automation to easily create, test, and optimize Facebook and Instagram ads with video.

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Scale Results from Facebook using Video

Save Time and Money

Automate Facebook campaign setup, A/B tests, and scale video creation in just a few clicks.

Better Performing Videos

Create videos for each of your audiences that perform better because they are customized to be relevant and timely.

Business Outcomes

Get new customers, improve conversions, margins, retention, and customer delight.

How it Works


1. Create

Connect your Facebook account to begin customizing videos using your product and audience data. Quickly set up creative A/B tests.


2. Test

Indivio automatically creates videos for each of your audiences, launches your ads on Facebook, and manages your creative tests.


3. Optimize

Indivio automatically moves your budget to the best performing video ads as winners are discovered, saving you time and money!

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